Our 8 weeks 1-on-1 Business Bootcamp to Grow Your Business!

Learn to grow your business with an innovative mindset with our 1 on 1 business consulting and coaching program. Our 8 week Business Bootcamp is designed for small business owners, mid-sized businesses and solopreneurs who are ready to take a good, hard look at how their business can find new clients and better serve existing clients. We help dissect your business to find areas of opportunity to increase growth and keep clients happy. Our step-by-step program will provide real-world tools that can be used for immediate impact and for long term results by creating an environment in your company that fosters growth and customer service as a core element of daily business.

The Business Bootcamp is shared via Skype to limit the amount of time and costs while providing the most relevant information in an effective, interactive format. The entire program is broken down into 8 unique modules that focus on very specific elements on a weekly basis.

  • Week 1: Intake
  • Week 2: Insight
  • Week 3: Marketing & Branding
  • Week 4: Sales
  • Week 5: Raving Fan Clients
  • Week 6: Gold Medal Team
  • Week 7: Innovation & Optimization
  • Week 8: Q&A and Evaluation

Our goals are to provide inspiration, knowledge and focus-driven results for our clients, employees and partners. We focus on taking good care of our clients by teaching them to take good care of their own clients. Bootcamp participants can expect to gain insights into their company and how to use the tools we provide to impact revenue, productivity, growth and marketing efforts. We are so confident that our Business Bootcamp will provide real value for you and your company, that we guarantee you will get a return on your investment that you can really use.

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