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10 Keys to the Mindset of a successful Entrpreneur

Most people would love to have their own business. The difference is that you have decided to take ACTION, this is a difference in MINDSET!

I came across a great Blog on Mindset on their website;


#1 Clearly define what it is that you want to do.

Very successful people care about their lives more than the average person. They take the time to analyze their lives, to look closely at their vision and their purpose in life. They put their lives on paper. They take the time to construct mental images that guide them on their journey.  While most people are winging it, they put their life mission and business vision and goals on paper.

They  have imagination. They pull their imagination up in their mind and then they define their vision and then they go to work. Night and Day!

#2 Protect and Manage your Time.

Successful Entrepreneurs Protect and Manage their time. How many people do you know that plan their day before it begins?

The most valuable asset you have is your time.  Plan your days, weeks, months, and years.

#3 Outcome Oriented 

Have you known anyone that is absolutely driven to succeed?  No matter what the obstacle they keep going. And in most cases it is because they have extraordinary clarity on the outcome.

They took the time to clearly define what it is that they wanted to do. They stopped and thought about their life, and what it was that they wanted to accomplish and this gave them the drive to see the task all the way to its outcome.

#4 Deal with Actual Facts

Most people make their decisions about their life and careers from emotion and assumptions.  Successful entrepreneurs base their decisions from fact-based thinking.

Successful entrepreneurs strive to make accurate decisions rooted in Actual Facts.

#5 Live To Provide Value

Successful Entrepreneurs know that value must be given. And by providing value they know that value is to be returned.

They practice the Law of Reciprocity. They know for sure that what they give out they shall receive. Successful entrepreneurs do not expect something for nothing.

They are constantly working to make themselves valuable, which of course attracts the personal associations that lead to greater financial success.

#6 Perform a Mind Makeover

Successful people rarely resemble the person that they once were. They are constantly educating themselves and gaining experience that will lead them to the goals they desire. They truly understand the importance of acquiring greater skill sets, which in turn gives them a confidence boost and greater self-worth.

They live by the words of ‘renewing their minds’. These entrepreneurs know this is the key to their transformation and growth.

#7 Focus

This characteristic is what I have found to be the most important when it comes to entrepreneurial success.

Once you have awakened to the possibilities of success, you also realize the many opportunities that abound. And it is easy to allow yourself to become scattered.

Successful people develop the ability to focus and concentrate to maximize their resources and forces.

#8 Success by Association

Have you ever heard when growing up “be careful who you hang around’. Many times you may be ‘guilty by association’. Well, successful entrepreneurs understand that you can also be ‘successful by association.’

In fact it is virtually impossible to be successful without having a mentor or a friend or business associate that helps to quicken your advancement.

Successful entrepreneurs have someone that accelerated their advancement with either some knowledge they possess or some other resource that they did not have.

#9 Understand Self and Others

When you constantly work on yourself, you begin to develop a greater understanding of yourself and a greater belief in yourself, which translates into valuing yourself.

This is what allows you to become an expert in your chosen area. If you don’t understand and value yourself you can bet the entire farm that no one else will understand or value you.

I have also found that those who understand and value themselves have a greater ability to understand and value others. This skill set is so important when you are seeking higher levels of success.

#10 Take Personal Responsibility

This trait is it. I mean this removes all attempts to blame anyone for what takes place in your life.

Successful entrepreneurs never allude to anything that anyone could have done to them. In fact, all the trials that they have, they looked at them as a blessing to learn from. Never giving up control of their lives.

I really love the fact of being in control of your life. Never allowing something outside to control you and the future of your family.

All of these keys, traits, and skill sets make up the Mindset of Successful Entrepreneurs. You probably could think of other variations, but somehow you will end up dealing with these principles

Mindset bursiness for women

Mindset bursiness for women


I suggest that you start with #1.  Take the time to pause and clearly define what it is that you want to do all and all of the other keys will begin to flow and merge together.

In Success,


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